Dr. Tamara Welter, department chair of Journalism at Biola University, taught me a variety of digital and media tools and techniques during my journalism convergence class. I completed a variety of convergence projects under her direction, such as audio and visual storytelling, filming, video and sound byte editing and directing photo shoots.

A few examples of these projects are exhibited below.

Other Coursework Media

InDesign Course Homework: Project 1...practicing making a newsletter

Adobe Spark Research in PR

BIOLA PRSSA Newsletters

One of my many roles as Vice President of Biola's PRSSA chapter includes using Mail Chimp to compose and publish the chapter's weekly newsletter. Newsletters cover a variety of PRSSA topics such as upcoming chapter meetings, OCPRSA and LAPRSA events, possible internships, advice from professionals and other opportunities for students.

An example of these weekly newsletters is exhibited below.