"The Chimes" Newspaper Clips

Throughout my time at Biola University, I have freelanced for the campus newspaper "The Chimes". Although I am a Public Relations major, I understand the importance and benefits of a foundation in journalism. Thus, I applied myself to gaining more journalism experience with reporting, interviewing, layout and page design, photography and advertisement. Although I wrote a few articles for my high school newspaper many years ago, this most recent journalism experience has refreshed and renewed my knowledge and skills.

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Biola blog posts

Biola University hosts their annual 'Torrey Conference' every fall semester, which involves various guest speakers from around the world coming to the Biola campus to speak on current issues in the world and specifically, the Christian sphere. I had the privilege of writing for the Biola's blog during this conference, allowing me to practice on-site reporting and deadline-writing. I enjoyed the style of blog writing so much so that I decided to try blogging on my own site.

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"The torch" radio news clips

I thoroughly enjoyed working as a morning and evening news anchor for Biola University's campus radio "The Torch". This position entailed news research, assembling and reporting news in the radio studio using state of the art radio software. 

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